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Don’t have time to run library regularly? But want to Rent & Read eBooks online? one of the best Online Library where you can rent plenty of eBooks and Audio Books based on different genres. Get Free Subscription Plan Now!

Who We Are?

Pustaka is an online book rental service that provides a unique reading experience to book lovers with a wide range of books from our best authors. It has published in Multi-Languages and 2 formats (eBooks & Audio Books) Where you can rent and read eBooks & Audio Books at best prices in India with largest Online Library. Pustaka purpose is to provide books at the right price & place. All we want to provide books on the reader’s right out there. Readers can find great thoughts of eBooks & Audio Books.

Why Choose Us?

Books are the best companion of a human’s life. They never make you feel insecure and books are the one who gives you happiness in part of life. But we are running in a digital world, that’s how Books are available in digital format for book readers. People who are passionate about reading can find Pustaka as the best choice for them, where they can find eBooks in abundance such as Family, Detective, Social and Thriller.


❖ Pustaka has everything from eBooks and Audio Books in Online and is available for all Users.
❖ Rent & Read Books in online with your comfortable time.
❖ Tamil is the largest collection with 4700+ eBooks from 310+ authors.
❖ Trouble – free reading where you want.
❖ Don’t worry about time, No time limit – 24/7 Available.
❖ Customer – beneficial Subscription Plans start from just 99/-

Books Available Like:

● Tamil Books
● English Books
● Telugu Books
● Malayalam Books
● Kannada Books
● Crime Novels & Stories.

Our Services:

⮚ Rent & Read 5800+ eBooks Online - 58400+ Members - 100000+ Successful Downloads.
⮚ Listen to Audio Books Online with 30-day rentals starting with low price ₹9/-
⮚ We thrive to publish around 100+ eBooks on every month.
⮚ Free Trial Subscription Plan! Read/Listen to 10 eBooks Online for 14 days! Hurry!
⮚ Highly Customizable.
⮚ Secured Payment via Paytm, payUmoney, VISA, CC Avenue, Master card, Paypal and American Express.

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Contact Number: +91 - 9980387852
Address: #7-002, Bannerghatta Main Rd, Bengaluru - 560076, Karnataka.
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